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Mejia fine jewelry embodies a playful yet refined aesthetic that pays tribute to Elise's life stories and surroundings.


[may-ah] – Greek word meaning “wear it in good health." 

Meet Elise

Designer of Mejia jewelry, Elise Thompson has been creating jewelry since she was a child. She can remember sitting on the floor in her childhood bedroom beading pearls and semi-precious beads in delightful and playful color patterns. She learned how to hand-knot with silk and eventually learned more sophisticated jewelry manufacturing techniques. 

Elise grew up in a creative family. She has always been inspired by her grandmother’s profession as a seamstress and her mother’s keen eye for fashion and design. Growing up surrounded by beautiful fabrics and lace, fashion handcraft was an ever-present pastime whether it was crocheting an afghan blanket or creating couture creations for her Barbie dolls.  There was always an appreciation for the handmade, whether it be jewelry, clothing, or crocheted tablecloths.

Today Elise's crafts include creating jewelry in gold and sterling silver using some of the same gemstones from her early collection.  Her design aesthetic is playful yet refined and always with a special element giving it a signature Mejia vibe. ​ Want to speak to Elise, contact her here.


The Brand

Elise is a gemologist and gemstone expert with over 2 decades of experience. She has many deep-rooted relationships with miners and cutters, while attending industry trade shows keeps her up to date on the latest trends. A gemstone's color, cut, and size can be the catalyst for a new design idea. Sometimes it takes years to group different gemstones together so that they form a harmonious balance.

Elise studied gemology in Florence, Italy and holds a G.G. (Graduate Gemologist) and AJP (Accredited Jewelry Professional) degree from the Gemological Institute of America, GIA. Italy, and Florence in particular, have a special place in her heart. She has lived and studied there.  The country's art, essence, colors, architecture, landscape, joy and passion are an inspiration in her work. Her brand name “Mejia” was born in Italy through a conversation with one of her Greek classmates at GIA.  In Greek, Mejia [may-ah] means “wear it in good health” and is wished upon someone buying something new or receiving a gift. 


“I thought it was such an all-encompassing word that expressed exactly how I wanted the jewelry I was creating to receive its new owner. I loved it so much that I decided to name my brand Mejia.”

Elise has always had a palpable, spiritual connection to the sea. Growing up near the ocean, there was a prevalent intuitive connection to the beach and water..  She has spent endless time collecting shells and shoreline bits and bobs.  Textures and motifs in Elise's work take a nod from this salty landscape.  

Mejia jewelry is a global brand with worldwide distribution that has garnered domestic and international recognition. Industry publications and insiders continue to recognize Mejia Jewelry in articles featured in Forbes, JCK Magazine, In Store Magazine, Robb Report, Robb Report Singapore, and Diamonds in the Library.

​Elise's rich history, experiences, and inspirations are all woven together enlightening her everyday how to translate those experiences into wearable art. 

The Process

The Process

Elise handcrafts every piece of jewelry using the lost wax process. With pink and green sheet wax, blocks, and wire, Elise sculpts, carves, and builds miniature adornments.   Once the wax is complete, it is sent to a local caster in New York City and transformed into precious gold, silver, and platinum. 


The rough casting then gets cleaned and polished using various tools such as diamond burs, sandpaper, files, and polishing compound.  Gemstones and diamonds are set by a master setter Elise has worked with for over 10 years. 


Finally the jewel is complete, and ready to be worn in health and happiness, bringing its new owner JOY!

Giving Back


Mejia jewelry is committed to having a positive impact on its clients as well as our society as a whole. Social responsibly has always been important to the Mejia Jewelry brand.  By donating to organizations such as World Central Kitchen, Sunflowers for Peace, and to coral restoration and non-profit ocean reef cleanups. the act of using recycled silver and gold, re-using packaging materials such as boxes and plastic inserts, knowing the source and provenance of gemstone materials, and organizing environmental protection activities such as beach clean ups at local New York beaches, Mejia Jewelry has demonstrated its dedication to "giving back."

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