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custom design

One of Mejia Jewelry’s main business pillars is custom work. Every piece is the result of a collaborative process working closely with Elise and the customer.  Every custom jewel is unique and has a story to tell.

how it works

Step 1: Fill out a custom project questionnaire.


Step 2: After we review your questionnaire, a complimentary consultation via phone or zoom is set up.  During our meeting, Elise will review your questionnaire with you, review initial design ideas and concepts, and go over the time-line and payment details.  Typically custom projects take 2-3 months to complete but depends on complexity and scale.

Step 3: There is a non-refundable $150 design fee for a sketch and follow up meeting to review the design. 


The design fee will be transferred to your final project cost. During our second meeting we will review estimates and project materials. We will determine which gemstones will be used and how long it will take to source them. Elise is a gemologist and sourcing expert.  If you provide your own gemstones, she will determine if they can be used and test them to make sure they are natural genuine gemstones. 

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Step 4: Upon completing the project, the balance is due.  We will email you a final image of the jewel if you prefer or sometimes clients want to be surprised and wait for a final in person reveal.


Thank you for trusting Elise with your custom jewelry. Start the journey here:

- Doris H.

I commissioned Elise to create an heirloom necklace with an important aquamarine gemstone that she owned in her gemstone collection. Elise presented me with three design sketches. I loved this final design and the way the aquamarine is set with dancing diamonds surrounding it and strung on the pearls is what makes it so wearable for me. This piece will be passed down to my daughter and live in our family as a true heirloom.

possibilities & process

Recycling your old jewelry into new designs: 

Many times clients come to us with existing jewelry that they want to re-vamp and create something new and modern using sentimental gemstones. See projects and stories here

Recycle your metal:

Sometimes it is possible to recycle your metal from old jewelry if there is enough of it and use the funds from selling your gold towards your new project. We take care of testing your gold and recycling it.



Elise will communicate and send process images to you throughout the entire duration of your project.  Our clients are always fascinated by how their pieces are made.

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