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Ammonite Fossil

Ammonites are fascinating fossils dating millions of years old!  Ammonites are fossilized sea creatures that first appeared about 435 million years ago and lived in the spiral shell now found as the ammonite fossil.  They inhabited the sea in great numbers and lucky for us they are attainable and affordable slices of prehistoric history. 


This fossil would be a stunning pendant set in gold studded with brilliantly cut diamonds or sapphires to contrast the rustic raw feel of the fossil with a precious and brilliant gemstone. Wear it as a talisman to bring you grounding energy as you touch it.


Ammonites are believed to be a good luck charm for pregnancy and as a grounding power for building a business from small beginnings.  They were beloved by the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks and named after the Egyptian god Amun who was pictured as a ram, headed with spiral horns.

30mm long, 26.5mm wide

$25 (price for stone only, does not include design consultation fee.)

Interested in creating a custom piece with this stone? Fill out the questionnaire below. Elise will send you a rough estimate based on your questionnaire and if you'd like to move forward with the project, you will receive an invoice for this exact stone, and a $250 design / consultation fee. 

Browse the custom work page for design inspiration. 

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