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“Ive collected gemstones for as long as I can remember. I collect minerals, rocks, shells, fossils, gemstones, anything that provides an ounce of inspiration. This cabinet of curiosities is always expanding because inspiration never dies.”

Working in her family’s gem trade business, Elise grew up surrounded by colored stones and started building her collection young. Now she's delighted to to offer you a glimpse into her collection, offering custom jewelry design created with the available stones below. Each gemstone offered here is hand-picked by Elise, providing an interesting and eclectic mix from rough gemstones and ancient fossils, to stunning cuts and cabochons. 


Every stone is tested by Elise using her gemological skills as a GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certified gemologist and jewelry professional. 

how it works

Step 1: Choose your soul stone. Each listing includes a description and price of the gemstone.


Step 2: Fill out the questionnaire for the type of jewel you would like made.

Step 3:  After Elise reviews your questionnaire, a complimentary consultation via phone or zoom is set up.  During our meeting, Elise will review your questionnaire with you, review initial design ideas and concepts, and go over the time-line and payment details.  Typically custom projects take 2-3 months to complete but depends on complexity and scale. If you wish to continue, you will receive a link to purchase the gemstone(s) plus the consultation and design fee ($200).


Step 4: A design consultation will be scheduled with you and Elise. The design consultation fee will be put towards the full quote, and after a 50% deposit, Elise will begin crafting your one-of-a kind jewel! 


Rutilated Quartz

21mm x 15mm pear shape

cabochon rutilated quartz


Pink Sapphire Slices

pair of pink sapphire slices

34.81 cttw


Ammonite Fossil


ammonite fossil

30mm x 26.5mm