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Pink Opal

Pink opal is opal that does not display a play of color, as you are familiar with when you see traditional opal gemstones, but instead displays an opaque ethereal pale pink color.  It is a rare gemstone that I would love to see come to life in glittering gold.  Create a one of a kind elongated pendant or statement ring spanning over two fingers!


What differentiates pink opal from play of color opal is the opals structure of the silica particles.  They are arranged randomly and with varying sizes whereas in play of color opal, the silica particles are arranged in a uniform grid.  Opal is believed to have formed 30-40 million years ago.  Now is your opportunity to own a piece of this beloved gemstone.


Opal is said to assist with fertility and pregnancy, Alzheimer’s disease, and senile dementia.  Also the birthstone for October babies along with tourmaline.

27.5mm long, 13.5mm wide, 16.47ct

$955 (price for stone only, does not include design consultation fee.)

Interested in creating a custom piece with this stone? Fill out the questionnaire below. Elise will send you a rough estimate based on your questionnaire and if you'd like to move forward with the project, you will receive an invoice for this exact stone, and a $250 design / consultation fee. 

Browse the custom work page for design inspiration. 

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