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Jewelry Care:



Handcrafted jewelry is a possession that needs care and maintenance in order to preserve it so it can be passed on.  Different materials and gemstones require different cleaning methods.  Always remove your jewelry when active, sleeping, and before entering water if you want to keep it clean and safe.


Diamond and Wedding Jewelry


Diamonds are magnets for oils from your hands and tend to get dirty quickly.  At home solutions include cleaning your diamond rings and other jewelry under warm soapy water with a clean, soft bristle toothbrush or with at home jewelry cleaner.  You can use dish soap, which will cut through the grease and oil on your diamond.


Once a year, take your jewels for a complete, professional check-up.  Prongs can be checked to see if the stone became loose and your jewels can be cleaned in an ultra-sonic machine and steam cleaned.  In addition,  jewelry can be checked for any deep scratches that can be polished out.


Contact me to set up a cleaning appointment.




Colored Gemstone Jewelry


Colored gemstone jewelry should be cleaned with caution.  Some softer opaque gems should never be placed in an ultrasonic machine or cleaned with an at home jewelry cleaner.  Transparent hard stones like sapphires or aquamarines can be cleaned at home with warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush. For a more professional cleaning, make an appointment with me to have your jewelry cleaned.  My experience allows you to have your gemstone jewelry cleaned without fear of damage.


Gold Jewelry

Clean gold jewelry with a soft polishing cloth or with warm soapy water to remove tougher dirt. For a more robust clean, 14k and 18k gold jewelry can be placed in an ultrasonic cleaner, providing there are no soft gemstones.  Scratches and knicks can be removed with a light polish.  Send it to me for a cleaning overhaul once per year.


Contact me if you have questions about how to clean a specific piece of jewelry.



Sterling Silver Jewelry


Sterling silver jewelry can be cleaned with a special jewelry cleaning cloth rubbing it until you see the silver become bright.  For a more intense and thorough cleaning, contact me.




Pearls are porous and require only a wipe with a soft clean cloth after each wearing.  Allow perfumes and lotions to dry before wearing.  Never clean ultrasonically or with steam or ammonia.


Pearls are not tough and careless poor handling can damage them.  Therefore, they should be strung with silk knots in between each pearl to prevent rubbing and damaging the nacre.  Heirloom pearl necklace and bracelets need to be re-strung from time-to-time to keep the necklace tight and prevent it from breaking.


Contact me to re-knot your pearls and give them new life.

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