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custom design

One of Mejia Jewelry’s main objectives is custom work. Every piece is the result of a collaborative process between Elise and her customer.  Every custom jewel is unique and has a story to tell.

how it works

Step 1: Fill out a custom project questionnaire.


Step 2: After reviewing your questionnaire, a complimentary consultation via phone or zoom will be scheduled.   During the meeting, Elise will review the answers to your questionnaire, discuss initial design ideas and concepts, and explain the time-line and payment details. Typically custom projects take 2-3 months to complete but this depends on the complexity and scale of the individual project. .

Step 3: There is a non-refundable $250 design fee for a sketch and follow up meeting to review the design. 


The design fee will be deducted from your final project cost. During the second meeting, we will review estimates and project materials. We will select which gemstones will be used, keeping in mind the time it will take to source each one.  Elise is a gemologist and sourcing expert so she is qualified to determine whether the gemstones you may already possess are natural, genuine gemstones, and if they are capable of being used the way you would like. 

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Step 4: Once the design is approved and production begins, 1/2 the estimated balance is due. The final balance is due upon completion of the project.  The client can choose if they prefer to see the final project in an image or choose to wait and be surprised.


Thank you for trusting Elise with your custom jewelry. Start the journey here!

This collier was a gift from my husband to celebrate a 60 year long love story. On a trip to New York from Hamburg, Germany with the Queen Mary II, we bought this wonderful aquamarine and arranged a custom necklace design with Elise.  The loop above the stone is designed as a sailers knot  to represent the sailing passion of our familiy for generations. The loop is set with brilliant diamonds symbolizing our strong and joyful connection.  In addition to the aquamarine, Elise chose complimenting Tahitian baroque grey pearls to hang the pendant from. 

The photo of this couple tells the story and speaks for itself.  This unique jewel will live in our family as a true heirloom.  Liebe Grüße!

- Doris H.

possibilities & process

Recycling your old jewelry into new designs: 

Many times clients wish to redesign jewelry they own to give sentimental pieces a new, more modern look.  See projects and stories here.

Recycle your metal:

Sometimes it is possible to recycle metal from old jewelry and sell it for cash.  If there is enough of it to sell, the proceeds can be applied to a new project. Elise is qualified to test the quality and type of metal and recycle it.



Elise will communicate and send progress images until completion of the project.  Clients generally find it fascinating to observe the stages in the creative process. 

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