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[may-ah] – Greek word meaning “wear it in good health”. 

Every piece of Mejia Jewelry is infused with vibes of good health and happiness. May each jewel bring you joy.


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the process


Create a one-of-a-kind heirloom jewel with Elise in a collaborative process. Learn more about this unique experience working with an independent jewelry designer.

custom design


Mejia fine jewelry was founded by Elise Thompson and embodies a playful yet  refined aesthetic that pays tribute to her life stories as well as her custom clients.  Elise is creating future heirlooms using precious metals, diamonds, and colored gemstones and creating a tactile relationship between the jewel and the wearer.  "Mejia" is a Greek word meaning "wear it in good health," and the jewelry she creates is infused with vibes of health and happiness and above all else, Elise wants the jewel to bring joy to your life.  

the artist

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Start a custom creation of your own by selecting the perfect gum drop of a gemstone.

Choose your "soul stone"..

loose stones

customer love



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