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This 12 mm round malachite would make a stunning statement ring. Set it with a minimalistic mixed metal mounting or bling it out with a frame of tiny diamonds.


Malachite is a fascinating opaque gemstone that displays bold curving banding in vivid green colors.  Each band represents a period of growth.  Malachite grows in botryoidal formations in cavities giving its fashioned appearance the look of concentric circles, bands, swirls, or marbling.


Malachite is the stone of the post powerful love goddesses, Freyja the Viking goddess of love and beauty.  It is a heart chakra stone and encourages healthy relationships based on love and help you battle against depression and anxiety.

12mm round, 8.97ct

$80 (price for stone only, does not include design consultation fee.)

Interested in creating a custom piece with this stone? Fill out the questionnaire below. Elise will send you a rough estimate based on your questionnaire and if you'd like to move forward with the project, you will receive an invoice for this exact stone, and a $250 design / consultation fee. 

Browse the custom work page for design inspiration. 

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