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Interested in creating a custom piece with this stone? Fill out the questionnaire below. Elise will send you a rough estimate based on your questionnaire and if you'd like to move forward with the project, you will receive an invoice for this exact stone, and a $250 design / consultation fee. 

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Peacock Pearl Pair

Pearls are one of my favorite gemstones to work with. Their organic shape, iridescence and luster are mesmerizing and magical.  This pair of peacock pearls display colors of dark purple, grey, green, blue and hints of peach. Their name is derived from a peacock feather since the pearl displays colors seen in this exotic bird’s plume. 


Pearls are formed when an irritant is introduced into the oyster or mussel and coats the irritant with calcium carbonate called nacre. The nacre is deposited in concentric layers and builds up over time.  These peacock pearls are freshwater pearls formed in mussels in lakes and ponds and take 12-24 months to grow. They were a part of a loose strand which was then disassembled to create unique and one-of-a-kind pairs for earrings. Matching pearls takes a great deal of time, labor, and skill.  These pearls would make a stunning pair of earrings in yellow or white gold.


Pearls are symbols of prosperity, integrity, and encourage tradition in the home.  They are also the birthstone for June babies. 

11mm long, 9.5mm wide

$80 (price for stone only, does not include design consultation fee.)

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