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It's Time You Knew The Story...

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Hello Friends! Elise here…I’ve realized that I never fully introduced my brand or myself to you so I'm going to pull the curtain back a little and fill you in. In the next few blog posts you’ll learn about me and my brand and I’ll share pieces of my work in a different way. I’m excited to start so here it goes.

Brand Origin: Mejia fine jewelry embodies a playful and refined aesthetic that pay tribute to my life experiences and inspirations. "Mejia" [may-ah] is a Greek word meaning "wear it in good health," and the jewelry I create is infused with vibes of health and happiness and above all else, I want the jewel to bring joy to your life.

I’m endlessly inspired by the sea and seaside (I grew up near the ocean and live within a short 7 minute care ride away). You will see ocean motifs and textures throughout the line. In addition, my Italian and German roots have also inspired designs. The art, colors, architecture, history, and landscape are all inspirational pillars in my work. My experiences and influence are woven together enlightening me every day how to translate those experiences into wearable art.

My brand name “Mejia”, pronounced [may-ah], was born in Italy through a conversation with one of my Greek classmates at GIA, Florence, while I was studying for my gemological degree.

In Greek, Mejia [may-ah] means “wear it in good health” and is wished upon someone buying something new or receiving a gift. I thought it was such an all-encompassing word that expressed exactly how I wanted the jewelry I was creating to receive its new owner. I loved it so much that I decided to name my brand Mejia.

You will see a lot of colored gemstones in my work because I am truly passionate about gemstones. I hold a Graduate Gemologist degree from GIA, and also learned about them from my father, who worked with gemstones for over 40 years.

Additionally, I use a variety of stones in my custom work. One of Mejia Jewelry’s main objectives is commission based jewelry. Every piece is the result of a collaborative process between the customer and myself. Whether we are re-purposing gemstones from family heirlooms or giving tired old jewelry new life, every custom jewel is unique and has a story to tell.

Mejia Jewelry is an artisanal jewelry brand where each piece is thoughtfully designed, hand- carved and cast using the lost wax method and features unique gemstones. We are a socially responsible brand; from knowing the provenance of gemstones to giving back to organizations like World Central Kitchen and organizing beach clean ups at local Long Island beaches. Mejia is committed to having a positive impact on my clients, society, and the environment.

I’m grateful and happy you are here. If you want to learn more about the brand, visit the About page. Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments!


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