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Abalone Crystal Heart Charm #3

Abalone Crystal Heart Charm #3


A custom cut abalone heart with a layering of chunky crystal quartz over it creates a beautiful irridesence and movement of color as the light moves across the stone.  The heart charm is surrounded by glistening 14k yellow gold and can be hung on a cable chain to add to your neck mess or wear as a solitaire standout charm necklace. 


Sold as a single charm.  Add a cable chain seperately in the options below.


These are limited edition charms handcrafted from natural abalone shell. Every piece has a slight variation in color. No two are exactly the same.  


Ready to Ship. 


* 14k Yellow Gold 

* 10x10 mm Heart Shape abalone crystal quartz cabochon

* 14k Yellow Gold Cable Chain


  • Additional Information

    All made to order jewelry is non-refundable.  In stock jewelry can be returned for exchange or store credit within 5 business days of receipt unworn in its original condition and in the original packaging it was received.

  • Shipping

    Ready to ship in 1-3 business days. 

    Need it sooner? Contact me!

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  • About This Gemstone

    Abalone shell is a highly iridescent shell composed of nacre (mother-of-pearl) with a strong range of changeable colors. As light bounces off the nacre, a light show of turquoise, peacock green and blue to rose pink, purple and gold shimmer is revealed. It has been used by the Native American tribes of North America for over 10,000 years for use in decorative items. 


    There are over a hundred varieties of abalone worldwide. They are found in the cold coastal waters of New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, western North America, and Japan. 


    Abalone is a variety of mollusks or sea snails with feet and tentacles. Prized as a delicacy, they grow by feeding on seaweed such as kelp. The different varieties of seaweed create different colors in their shell as they grow. Concentric rings on the outside of an adult abalone shell are evidence of the changes to its seaweed diet.


    This ear-shaped shell is made up of microscopic pieces of calcium carbonate, stacked one on top of the other. Each of these layers has a sticky protein material between them making it exceptionally strong.   Abalone mollusks can repair minor damage to their own shells as well caused by otters or humans trying to pry them off rocks. 


    Abalone’s Mother-of-Pearl is a symbol of strength and healing.

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