Blue Sapphire & Diamond Crowned Jewel Earrings

Blue Sapphire & Diamond Crowned Jewel Earrings


Blue sapphire cabochons are the crowned jewel of these earrings.  Hand carved 18k mountings in the shape of a crown hold these special jewels.  The sapphires are a medium blue with light inclusions.  Every earring is unique since no two sapphires are exactly the same.  Diamonds added to the ear wires give the earrings an extra regality. 


Cabochon cut is a type of gemstone cut where the bottom of the jewel is flat and the top is curved and polished smoothly.  This is my favorite type of cut giving the gemstone a delicate but candy like appearance.  


Made to order. Your earrings will be silmilar in color but not exactly like the images. 


4-6 weed lead time

  • Specs:

    7mm round cabochon Sapphires  - approx. 5 carats

    .25 carats of diamonds

    18k yellow gold