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Heart Cameo Padlock Pendant on Matte Ruby Bead Necklace

Heart Cameo Padlock Pendant on Matte Ruby Bead Necklace


This one-of-a-kind heart shaped cameo pad lock necklace is bold and versatile.  Handcrafted in sterling silver with a key hole cut out detail on the back of the padlock, the cameo is carved from reddish orange colored agate.


Strung on matte ruby beads with two large silver open lever rings allows the necklace to be transformed and worn as a stand alone ruby necklace or attaches the heart pendant in numerous ways; one necklace that canbe styled three ways.


As seen in IN STORE magazine and JCK Pro.


Sterling Silver

10 mm Matte Ruby Bead Necklace

2 Sterling Silver Open Cirlces for endless styling variations

Agate Heart Shaped Cameo


Ready to ship in 1-3 days. 


  • Additional Information

    All made to order jewelry is non-refundable.  In stock jewelry can be returned for exchange or store credit within 5 business days of receipt unworn in its original condition and in the original packaging it was received.

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    Ready to ship in 1-3 business days. 

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  • About this Gemstone

    Cameos are created by layering different colored agates over each other and then carving into it to reveal a relief.  This cameo is created with a layer of white agate over red agate. 


    Red agate is a type of chalcedony which is a cryptocrystalline quartz.  It is said that the Vikings used red agate to find lost objects or hidden treasure.  Close it in your hands until it feels warm to know where and how to find what you need.  It is said to restore good health, employment and lasting love. 


    Rubies are a member of the corundum family and have been used as symbols of protection throughout time. They are very hard gemstones measuring 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness and an excellent gemstone for use in jewelry. Their color ranges from pinkish red to deep purplish red. Rubies can be found in Burma, Cambodia, Thailand, and Mozambique.


    Rubies are the birthstone for the month of July and the gemstone for the 15th and 40th wedding anniversary.


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