Seahorse Necklace with Starfish Charm

Seahorse Necklace with Starfish Charm


Made from a direct cast of an actual dried seahorse found on the sandy beaches of Long Island, Elise's home.  One of the benefits of always walking with your head in the "sand" is that you can find treasures.  One day walking along a local Long Island beach, Elise came upon a fully intact seahorse that somehow found it's way to shore and perished in the hot summer sun. With it's body completely intact, Elise decided to try an experiment, and make a mold of this sea creature to preserve it's delicate body and extraordinary features forever.  The process was a success and now this other worldy creature can be used for adornment and astoundment. 


Hung on a swivel chain and 30 inch elongated chain. 


Add a removeable starfish charm to create a one of a kind charm necklace. 


Seahorses live in sheltered areas such as sea grasses and coral reefs.  15% of proceeds from the Seahorse collection will be donated to coral restoration and non-profit ocean reef cleanups. 

  • Specs

    Seahorse measures 6 inches long