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Crafting Your Story: A Guide to Personalized Ring Stacks

Updated: Apr 10

Are you drawn to the elegant allure of a ring stack but uncertain about where to begin? Our inventive clientele has generously shared their insights to craft an inspirational roadmap for fashioning your own bespoke stack using our hand-stamped name rings.

Each ring in your stack is a testament to your individuality, commemorating life's milestones, cherished memories, and the people who hold special places in your heart. Whether it's a tribute to a lost loved one, a beloved pet, your children, an anniversary, a career milestone, or your wedding day, your stack becomes a wearable narrative of your life's journey.

stack of rings on a finger. one diamond band with two hand stamped name rings in rose gold

So, how do you go about stacking?

Let's dive into some styling tips:

  1. Pair with Your Wedding Ring:

  • Mixed Metals: Frame your white gold channel set diamond wedding band with two rose gold name rings bearing your children's names.

Stack of rings on a finger with a diamond band in the middle and two silver name rings on either side

  • Tonal Harmony: Embrace a cohesive look by flanking your shared prong white gold diamond wedding band with two silver or white gold name rings inscribed with your kids' names.

Stack of rings on a finger mixing diamond rings with hand stamped name rings

  • Milestone Stack: Integrate your diamond wedding band and anniversary eternity ring with two name rings to create a personalized narrative of your journey together. Add your engagement ring for added WOW factor.

a stack of three silver rings on a finger with names inscribed on them

2. Stack Multiple Name Rings:

  • Silver Ensemble: Stack three silver name rings adorned with your grandchildren's names displayed on the outside and birthdates inscribed on the inside.

a stack of three rings on a table. two of them are yellow gold and the middle ring is rose gold. Each ring has a name inscribed.

  • Mixed Colored Gold: Incorporate two yellow gold name rings and a rose gold ring, all bearing your children's first and middle names.

A mixed metal stack of rings with names

  • Mixed Metal Magic: Experiment with two yellow gold name rings sandwiching a silver ring, with names on the front and birthdates on the back.

3. Incorporate Signature Rings:

  • Enhance texture and depth by interposing our DNA Double Helix twist ring between two name rings, available in yellow gold, white gold, or mixed metals.

A stack of three rings in yellow gold and white gold

4. Get Creative with Styling:

  • Mix and match ring styles and metals to curate a truly unique stack:

A collage of rings in different styles worn on a finger.
  • Layer two yellow gold name rings amidst three yellow gold knife-edge rings.

  • Intersperse two sea horse texture silver rings between two yellow gold name rings, accentuated with a white gold diamond anniversary band and a delicate diamond pavé wedding band.

  • Infuse vibrancy with gemstone silver twist rings, complemented by yellow gold name rings, a diamond wedding band, and a white gold diamond anniversary band.

Unleash your creativity with personalized inscriptions, such as newborn names and birthdates, initials, the names of your children or grandchildren, wedding details, pet names, tributes to loved ones, or even daily affirmations.

Reach out to me for any inquiries or assistance in crafting your dream ring stack. Let your jewelry tell your unique story, one ring at a time.


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