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Inspiration For The New September Collection

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Since the beginning of the year, I've been working on a new collection that will be launching late next week. These new pieces are birthed from established designs but crafted with a new perspective. Here's a closer look at the catalyst for these new creations and how I made them.

The new collection was inspired by a few of my favorite things that slowly came to fruition over the course of many months. Here they are in order of completion:

1) The new Crescent Moon necklace is the result of a client's request. She loves the Seahorse texture used in the Roman Coin Necklaces and requested a crescent moon with this signature design. I loved this idea and knew it would be the next new offering from Mejia Jewelry. Stay tuned for a solid 18k gold version and a star set diamond version.

2) The Evil Eye Necklace started with a beautiful blue chalcedony inlay eye gemstone that I've been hoarding for many years. It was time to get in out of the box and into the light. Once I started playing around with the idea of using the crescent moon in different directions for additional designs, it was clear that it would make the perfect eye brow for this unique eye. I've always been inspired by eyes. My favorite uncle was an eye doctor, I'm obsessed with Salvador Dali's painted eyes, paintings of lover's eyes, and of course I grew up with the superstition that evil eyes ward off bad luck and misfortune.

3) The new DNA Twisted Huggie Hoops have been floating around in my brain for sometime now and I'm so excited to finally bring them to life! Inspired by the very popular DNA Double Helix Twist Ring. The huggie hoops are the perfect earring staple for every day, for layering, and for fun. They are available in 18k yellow gold (white gold avail upon request) in three sizes: large, chubby, and mini. They look amazing layered together; wear the large in your first hole and chubby or mini in your second hole. The mini also make really cute little girl earrings.

4) I couldn't make a collection without pearls. The peek-a-boo hoops have two new pearl charms that have a special surprise. Tahitian and peacock pearls get a make over in 14k gold with the addition of gemstone cabochons that are set under the pearls. This detail is playful and adds a small pop of color peeking under the pearl.

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