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Make It Personal - A Guide To Personalized Jewelry

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Personalized gifts are thoughtful and personal. I offer 3 jewels for her or him on your gifting list that can be personalized with initials, monograms, or names. ✨

Order by 12/3 for holiday delivery. Contact me with any questions.

1) Inscribe your children’s and grandchildren’s names in the back of the mother and child necklace. Celebrate your children with this endearing cameo necklace depicting a mother joyously swinging her child with grasped hands. A perfect gift for a loving mom who is the heart of the home.

2) Hand stamped name rings are a favorite so you can carry your loved ones with you daily. Each ring is hand textured individually so every ring is one of a kind. Personalize the ring with your baby's name, loved one, pets name, memorialize loved ones, or stamp a significant word. The name is stamped on one side and a date can be stamped on the opposite side. The rings can also be worn on either side of a wedding band for an every day reminder of your most loved ones.

3) Hand engraved silver cufflinks are a win for your partner. Engrave their monogram on both cuff links or your wedding date on one and monogram on the other for a personalized wedding gift. Limited edition and thoughtfully designed so your monogram is the main event, but I also like to incorporate special elements that might not be visible while you are wearing the cufflinks and only you know they are there. The octagonal shaped bar; first filed to perfection in wax, cast, and then filed again in sterling silver. Each junction and edge is crisp, clean, and polished with a satin finish. Handcrafted of solide sterling silver.

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