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Meet The Designer

It's time to meet the maker behind Mejia Jewelry. I'm sharing 10 fun facts and bringing you into my world.

1- I’m from Long Island, NY but I don’t have a “strong island” accent 😆.

2- I launched the Mejia Jewelry website one year ago. It was a true labor of love. I photographed every picture and product image. The product shots taken at the beach were shot at Jones Beach, NY. 🏖️

3- My favorite gemstones are mandarin garnet, mint green tourmaline, and tsavorite garnet.

4- I once made a ceremonial ring for the confirmation of a new Abbot for the famous Benedictine Abbey of Montecassino in Cassino, Italy. The ring now lives in the ‘tesori’ of this abbey that was founded by St. Benedict himself in the year 539.

5- I make really tasty hot stuffed cherry peppers. Email me if you want the recipe.

6- I used to row 🚣‍♀️ competitively in college.

7- I live with my husband, 2 kids, ages 9.5 and 8, and 2 Bengal cats. Most days are chaotic and hectic 🤪. Going to work feels like a day off.

8- I love collecting things. Current collections include gemstones, crystals, shells and corals, jewelry, fine China, glassware, clothes, and shoes! It’s not hoarding if it’s organized and pretty, right?

9- I thrive under pressure.

10- Petting a whale 🐋 is high on my bucket list.


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