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Every Day is Earth Day

Updated: May 16, 2022

This past Earth Day I visited our local beach with family and friends to do a local beach clean up. We geared up with trash bags and gloves to make a small difference.

I'm so thankful to live near the beach that provides so much inspiration and I want to do all I can to preserve it for my children and future generations. We were stunned by the amount of trash that washed up on shore while collected 9 big trash bags full of trash plus a car fender! The kids were stunned and proud of their job well done.

Pollutants in our ocean can wreak havoc on coral reefs and destroy the wildlife that lives in and near the reefs. In an effort to do my part and preserve our natural resources, 15% of proceeds from the "From the Sea" collection will be donated to coral restoration and non-profit ocean reef cleanups.

The "From the Sea" collection takes a nod from the salty landscape that inspires me every day. I use textures and casts of actual sea horses and shells found on the beach and transform them into wearable precious jewelry.

Seahorses live in sheltered areas such as sea grasses and coral reefs. If you ever find a dead seahorse dried up on the beach it's probably a result of it being carried away by the current.


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